Build Something You can Be Proud Of, V. II

Today, I don’t have any exciting reviews or media content to share with you; today, I feel like only showing just myself. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching or reading anything–I’ve honestly been doing a lot more of that than anything else, I think. While I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that, I want to bring myself back down to reality for a bit.

You see, I’m in a bit of a slump. When I’m in a slump, I feel that making small goals, or lists of aspirations, would help me to feel better–so that is what I’m here to do today!


1. Cross-Stitch

I want to learn to Cross-Stitch so badly! It looks so calming, and methodical and just…pretty. I see so many beautiful pieces on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to try it for myself!

Image result for cross-stitch


(Irina Tkachenko / EyeEm / Getty Images)

(by Liz. E @ SO CUTE.

Hochzeit - Floral Boogie - Modern cross stitch pattern PDF - Instant download

(Pattern at  ) I am *so going back to try this later. Can you tell that I love Floral print?)

IMG_8987 (1)

(plan to see some pretty epic “Expectations vs Reality” photos like this one…hehe)

2. Create a Bullet Journal

I’m definitely one of those people who buy pretty journals/calendars, work hard in them for about two weeks…and then forget that they exist. (Whoops.)

 How to be consistent with your bullet journal

(Journal by Christina )

I have a hard time staying focused, and being inspired in my everyday life–it’s so easy for me to get discouraged. I think that keeping up with something like this would help me so much, both in productivity and peace of mind. I have so much creative energy pent up, and I’m too shy to really try much with it. I think that, with something like this, something *just* for me, I would learn to channel it the right way.

I love the flexibility of it. I love that you can keep track of whatever you think will help you the most–a mood tracker, a habit tracker, an expense tracker…or all three. I like that you can change it up, or become as detailed with it as you want to be.

Image result for bullet journal

(Journal by Sarah Mims Yeargin)

3. Read More (& write more)

Image result for sailor moon studying

Yeah, this one is pretty vague–but I’ve been in a huuuge reading slump lately, and I can’t seem to focus. The frustrating thing is that I absolutely love reading,  and I think it’s a great gateway to other creative ideas. I remember reading an interview by Neil Gaiman, and something he said really stuck with me–the idea that in order to write well, you also had to give yourself breaks and *read* well–to read anything that you can get your hands on! My friends, I have a TBR a good mile & a half long. It’s time  to get to work!

4. Quality over Quantity


Last year, I posted this photo of my old Bookshelf; it is still one of my favorite photos to date. while I still own quite a bit in terms of books and comics, I’ve learned to really be selective about what I own, and how I own it. (Digital vs in-print, Audiobook, etc etc.) I’ve downsized at least a little bit, thinking hard about the titles that really matter to me. Moving forward, I would like to downsize a bit more, and be much more mindful of my hobbies and spending habits, vs how much stuff I really *own*. I want to be able to look at the things that I have, and be truly grateful and excited about each and every one of them!

There you have it, folks.

Four goals that I’m really hoping to expand on in the coming months! While these don’t exactly seem  small (c’mon, I know that starting new hobbies can be expensive/time consuming), I hope that in the end I can become a more mindful person.

Do you have any smaller (or long-term) goals for yourself? How do you cope with being in a slump?




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